Monday, November 28, 2011

Cowl knitting

Prettyimpressive pile of cowls if you ask me. Seven cowls knit since August for Christmas gift giving. (Also knit a scarf but forgot to put that in the pile) Pretty obvious to me by the picture which color I gravitate towards - blue or red is usually the color. (The scarf was blue too!) I am branching out though - see below - pink was a requested cowl color and the green was a BD gift. I would probably never pick that green for me but it was a gift, its Plucky Knitter yarn (cashmere and silk) and actually I can't wait to finish it. Its going to look great with my black jacket....

November just seemed to zip right by, as usual you blink and the month is over already. There was some gorgeous warm weather though and I made sure to get out and enjoy it. Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a day of good company, good food, lots of dish washing (even with a dishwasher) and in general a great day.

Be back soon!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saving Sunday - 11/06/2011

Great weather for the first weekend in November!! Sunny and in the 50s. This is the same path I was down the beginning of October (the trees were full of leaves and they were just starting to turn). Wonder if I will be able to be on that path the first weekend in December?? This Sunday started with Milly and I taking an early morning walk through the park. Then Tom and I were off to Todd and Kris' for a barn raising. They are all ready for the trusses next weekend.

It was the perfect Saving Sunday!!