Friday, September 24, 2010

Almost Finished Knitting Projects

I will soon have some knitting projects that I have been jumping back and forth on all summer completed!! Yeah!!
Socks for me out of Stonechat Malabrigo - I love this color. They are toe up and only need the a little more length and the cuff. I was afraid I would run out of yarn so I stopped the first one and started the second one.
A definitely orange cropped cardigan out of Berocco Alpaca. Sara has laid claim to this one. Did I mention I was knitting Kris, Sara and Ashley (my son's girlfriend ) a sweater for Christmas? I am - one will be done soon. Pretty quick - a little boring in the middle part - but definitely a nice sweater for that cood weather we will soon be having.... Just needs sleeves.

Another pair of socks for me. Lorna's lace. Really nice yarn and the actual color is much brighter than here. Orange, gold, brown and turquoise - perfect colors to put together if you ask me.

Last but not least, a cropped cardigan for me. This was half done as another sweater but it just wasn't fitting so I ripped out and started this. This is out of Malabrigo - Stonechat. I love this color - didn't I just say that with the socks.
Tom and I start a weeks vacation tomorrow. We can't wait!! There are some home improvement projects to be tackled, some traveling around Ohio, sleeping in and knitting. I hope to get these projects finished by the end of the week so i can start something new.
Just a mention on the weather since Fall has started. For the past 2 days we have broke record high with 89 and 88. Feels more like Summer than Fall to me.
See you back soon - hopefully there will be new windows to show and totally finished projects.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is this really the middle of September

Another month is just flying by........

Tyler with his chicken eggs that he entered in the fair. To young for 4-H but still happy to have entered something!! To check out Jessica's success check out Kris' blog.

Be back soon - I have sock success to show!!