Friday, January 28, 2011

January happenings!!

I somehow disappeared for December and most of January but the reason is below - one of the crazy moments where you decide to get a puppy in the middle of winter. Just last night Tom asked me what were thinking - or the lack of thinking has to be it. Below you see Milly May!! She is a border collie and is about 14 weeks right now. Tom bought a paper home saying he saw some border collies advertised. I called, the next evening we were driving in lots of snow down some back country roads to take a look at some puppies and you know the rest. All of the puppy craziness aside she is really a good dog and we are totally enjoying her. Just can't wait for the weather to get nicer and we can get her outside more. I have been knitting lots. I have this goal of finishing up lots of projects by the end of January and with only a few more days to go that might not be in the stars. I think I'll have to entend that time frame a little bit. I did stop unfinsihed projects to knit this cut baby hat for our neighbor. Actually was really good timing, she had the baby the day I finished the hat.
I used a pattern by Susan B. Anderson, her bunny hat from Itty Bitty Knits, only left off the ears. Its out of Pattons and is DK weight knit on size 7 needles. I did a few hats when I first started knitting but I just didn't get the end results I wanted. This one is perfect so I see more hat knitting soon. There are 2 more babies on the way that will need hats!!
Next up a pattern by French Press Knits. Its a free pattern and if you look on her blog she has it there. Its on Ravelry but at the moment I can't remember the pattern name. Its out of Cascade 220. The buttons aren't sewn on yet. I'm not sure on the placement so I'm waiting until I see my knitting girls (Kris and Ashley) for some help.

This is pretty much what we have seen everyday since December. More snow is falling right now. At least we haven't had the blizzards like in the East and it has warmed up since last week. Warm being 27 for a high today, as compared to 4 of last week.

That's all for now. I plan on being back shortly with more January pictures so I can start February fresh with a bit more blogging.
Keep warm and enjoy your weekend!!