Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They never fail!

These black eye susans along the patio never fail to put on a show - always big and bright - this year taller than they have been over the last couple.

Note to self: Plant more of these next year!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15 - already??

Okay - so its August already, the middle of August and I am asking myself where has the time gone this summer. Seems like we missed Spring altogether and went right into a very hot summer. Thankfully not as hot as other parts of the country, but hot enough to break some longstanding records in our area - like the most days over 90 in July!! Here we are in August and just like that the weather seems to have changed. Over the past week there were a couple of nights we had to close the windows, put an extra blanket on the bed and for the past two days its been nothing but rain. The rain we can use, but doesn't help the fact we need to make some hay.

Jessica, Tyler and myself have been enjoying our Wednesday afternoons together. There has been haning out, swimming, lots of eating lunch out or stops at the ice cream store. Hard to believe this will be our last Wednesday together as they are back in school next week.

Tom and I have been trying to get caught up around the house and yard. There has been new fencing put up, along with a couple of other projects and Tom did manage to get out with his horse on a trail ride. We found a new Metropark in the next county which had a really good trail, so he rode and Milly and I walked. Hopefully we can get in a few more days like that this Fall.

I had no work this morning (seems like an ongoing thing year) so I have been knitting and cleaned out a couple of cuboards. Time to go see if anything has popped up to type.

Have a great week. Enjoy these last August days!!