Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saving Sunday

Thistledowns Wool Design started on her blog Saving Sunday. I have been wanting to join along on Flicker, but unfortunately seems to be to high tech for me at the moment, meaning I am going to have to get someone to help me with that. It's been fun seeing how other people are saving their Sunday. In the meantime though I am going to start keeping track of Sunday here on my blog. Yeah I know - today is Saturday, but I have a picture from last Sunday.

Sunday, 10/23/2011 we had Tom's family over for a clam bake. What is left of his mother's side of the family here in Ohio consists of an aunt, sister, cousin and their families. (Everyone else has relocated to warmer places.)

It was one of those perfect Fall days, T-shirt weater to start, sweatshirt weather later. Three generations showed up and the way everybody carried on you would have thought we saw them all the time. (We are lucky if it happens once every couple of years). We cooked 300 clams, had all the fixins to go with them and lots of desserts. There was corn hole playing, horseback riding and lots of talking, talking and more talking.

It seems like the months of September and October have had some very busy Sunday's for us. Tomorrow I am hoping my Saving Sunday post is all about football, knitting and relaxing. Hopefully I can pull that off!!

Lake Erie

Towards the end of the bridge tour we took a little detour and headed to Lake Erie - about 15 minutes off the tour. The pictures hardly do it justice. The water was so, so blue.

We walked around at one of the beaches and were actually on what was called a scenic highway so most of the time you could see the lake.

All in all our little road trip was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Next year we plan on going back and finishing the tour.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bridge tour - Part 2

Still cannot say enough about this Fall tour. The Boy Scouts were set up on the other side of this bridge - got to love the American flag peaking out on the other side.

At each bridge we would park and walk across the bridge, look out and see what we were driving over. The leaves were just starting to turn colors.

This bridge was decorated for Halloween!

That's all the bridges for now. Next year we have to go back and finish the tour. Instead of finishing we took a little detour and went to Lake Erie. Be back soon with those pictures.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/09/2011 - Covered Bridge Road Trip

Finally, after awhile of saying we were going to do this - we did. Tom and I took off early Sunday morning (8:00 a.m.) and hit the road for Ashtabula County (Ohio). It took us about an hour to get there and we spent the better part of the day following the tour signs and checking out the covered bridges. There were actually 16 bridges on the tour and we managed to get 9 in. There are two different tours, both about 70 miles long. We took the one with the most bridges on the map. We only came across two bridges you could not drive over (below being one of them).

What was really neat was at each bridge you could pull off, get out, walk inside the bridge and in most places you could get down to the rivers that they were over. Also each bridge had its own welcoming group of people selling food and crafts.

For the most part the bridges were out away from the townships or cities that they were in. We traveled lots of dirt and gravel roads.

It was some of the nicest weather - I think the nicest weather we have had including Summer this year. I have more pictures to show but think I was overloading blogger as I couldn't upload anymore. I will be back tomorrow with the rest.

I'm on vacation for the next couple of days so I'm off to do some knitting and relaxing.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Chicken House

Here is the chicken house all decked out for Fall. Now we just need all the chickens to lay eggs.

I started out with 2 chickens this Spring. Early Summer some type of critter got in (we have yet to figure out how) and we were down to 1 chicken. I picked up 2 more from the man I originally got them from. One of those chickens died in the 100+ days of summer. The other newer chicken has yet to lay an egg yet!! The other day I was out by the fence looking at them and now I am wondering - maybe its a rooster!! I think I need to go chicken shopping soon!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Two pairs of socks finished in October!! Toe up, just plain socks. Yarn is Pagewood Farms, color Crayon.

Monkey socks. These were on the needles for a couple of months but it was the first time doing any sort of pattern on socks - thus they took awhile. I think I want to try the no Purl Monkey's next. Yarn is Malabrigo, arcangel.

On more pair on the needles - I am hoping for an October finish.

This was 10/02 - early Sunday morning. The leaves are just starting to turn. I'm thinking I should go back at the end of the month and see how things have changed.

Be back soon!