Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Chicken House

Here is the chicken house all decked out for Fall. Now we just need all the chickens to lay eggs.

I started out with 2 chickens this Spring. Early Summer some type of critter got in (we have yet to figure out how) and we were down to 1 chicken. I picked up 2 more from the man I originally got them from. One of those chickens died in the 100+ days of summer. The other newer chicken has yet to lay an egg yet!! The other day I was out by the fence looking at them and now I am wondering - maybe its a rooster!! I think I need to go chicken shopping soon!!

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Wonky Girl said...

Maybe you could wait to get many more chickens until spring. That way you don't have to winter-over young hens. Also check places like CraigsList to purchase several hens at a time. It is hard to introduce new hens into an established flock- they fight! I have learned the hard way. LOL