Friday, August 27, 2010

5 for Friday

Impatience that are still growing strong - even in the heat that we have had.
A new barn door finished this week.

More impatience - these need some more attention - usually they are overflowing - I think more water on my part would help - also some cooler temps.

A new spot for the chicken coop - in the shade - fence on the agenda for this weekend and the girls will be moving in.

Of course knitting!!! Hope you have some good things planned for your weekend....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

No Recall on these eggs

I have chickens again. Picked them up last Sunday from one of the vendors at the local Farmer's Market. I was just getting 2, but could not resist the Aracauna chickens that he had. I love those green eggs. In the picture I took you really cannot see the nice shade of green that egg is! He gave me the Aracauna because he said they were getting slightly old and he was not getting a lot of eggs from them - but this girl is giving us an egg every other day - Yeah!! We gave away our last batch of chickens because they brought so many wild birds into the barn - it was a mess. We thought we solved the problem but they seem to be slowly returning already - so a new outside chicken coop in on the to do list for this week.

Can't wait for Sunday breakfast with fresh eggs from these chickens!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer - 2010

Its been a long time since I have been to this space with lots going on. I am going to try to catch up over the next week with lots of pictures - so I can remember Summer 2010 and have it not je just a blur.

Lets start with hot, hot, hot. Most people know what I'm talking about -seems to be happening everywhere. We are cooler for the time being - funny how you think 80 is cool after all those 90s.

I love these flowers, they never disappoint me and this year they are really tall. New garden spot - just big enough for 2 people. Things have been ripening slow due to all the heat but this week we have finally gotten some tomatoes. Nothing like walking right out the back door and picking them. Anything else we need we go to the local farmer's market - they seem to be everywhere this year.

Went to Columbus to watch Tyler show Jessica's pig. He did a really good job - it was the first time with a pig in the show ring for him. We did not get to see Jessica - she was on a different day but things went well for her. Now its on to their local fair. Tyler can't wait to be 9 so he can be in 4H.

Hay baling went on and we got it done before the real heat came along.

I went to Jessica's fashion show for 4-H. She made the top she is wearing. Wish I could sew like her. If I need something sewn I will be asking her!! Her county fair is in 3 weeks so she has been working hard with her pigs and steer.

That's enough for today. I will be back soon with more highlights of our summer and some knitting.
Have a good week!!