Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So far - Like a Lamb

That's what it feels like around here, March came in like a lamb. The weather has been the best for early March. Today 55 and sunny, as a matter of fact everyday has been sunny. Rain is on the way though - but still no cold temps like we had in February. I know, there are lots of days left yet in the month and we have had some whopper of storms later in the month. For right now though, I am going to enjoy all that sun and warmth. It was so nice on Sunday I took Marley to the park. It was very evident there we have had lots and lots of snow. There were no paved walks to be seen, just little foot paths everywhere. Just wide enough for Marley in front leading the way and me following behind - just like all the people had done before us.
Be back shortly with some knitting. I think I am going to leave the sweater knitting to Kris - I'll knit the socks.
Enjoy your day!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March!! Yeah!!

What a relief - we made it through February. For me that is a month that can really get to you and with all the snow we had - well I was glad to see it go. We still have lots of snow - it was still snowing yesterday, but today has been warm - if you call 35 warm and sunny.

What color do you think of as a March color?? I think of green and as you can see below I finished a pair of green socks just in time. I am finally getting the construction part of socks. I have the toe down, the heel could use some work (I think I am slipping the stitches wrong on the one side, but they are not awful looking). The leg part is great. Now for the cuff and bind off. They are a little too loose for my taste. That's what I will work on for my next pair.
Hope you had a little bit of sunshine in your life today!!