Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Even though we are in the thick of Winter - the calendar could slow down a bit - don't you think. Seems like we were just beginning a new year and now we have almost 1 month under our belts.

I did manage to finish my orange socks - Yeah!! Not perfect - a little big- maybe they will shrink - but now I have a pair of my own. Besides I had to get that last sock done - I needed the needles to start another pair that will hopefully fit better.

Tom got a new horse last weekend. We still have Cooper but he was really in need of a friend to share his days with. He was literally chewing down our barn - no kidding. This seems to have done the trick. I would like you all to meet Zoe. So far they seem to be getting along just fine and most of the chewing has stopped. Although Tom did put up some metal strips across the spots that he seemed to like the best. She is 6 years old and a breeding stock Paint mare - which basically means she is a Paint horse without color. Besides working and knitting I have been doing some baking and trying out some new recipes. The cinnamon rolls are from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook. You can also gets this off of her blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. They are so good!! A little bit of work to start with but 1 recipe makes between 30 and 40 rolls depending on how you cut them. I tried to freeze some - which were still just as good as the original baking - but they still only lasted a few days.

We are in for more cold weather starting from today through the weekend - so stay warm and enjoy these last days of January. See you in February!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finished, started, Ah Ha moment and of course - snow!

Looking at the calendar - were almost to the middle of the month - seems like we just started this year a day or 2 ago.

Finished - Below is a wool heart that is stuffed, attached to a candlestick holder with a bow tied around it - finished just in time for Valentine's day. Took me awhile to get motivated on this one - but at long last it is done. Started - A pair of socks for Tom - hopefully they will be done before the cold weather is over.

Ah Ha moment!! I finally figured out a heel for a sock that I could do and was so simple it had me questioning why have I been messing around with all those other heels?? I have heard its not a heel that is going to last a long, long time - but really who cares. At the rate I was going there would not even be a pair of socks for a long, long time. I see more socks in my future.

Just had to show you some snow - but also there is sunshine - that blinding sort of winter sunshine and the temperature is on the rise. The weatherman is calling it the January thaw - really I am hoping it continues right through February and March.

Enjoy your day....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Days of 2010

It is just the first few days into January and already I think cabin fever is setting in around here.
Everyday its snows, most of the day. It is just that light fluffy kind of snow so it accumulates just enough that Tom has to plow the drive out every evening after he gets home. Marley is ready to run for the back field every time we get out - but so far this week we have only made it to the mailbox. It was 25 today - amazing how much warmer that was compared to 7 degrees on Sunday.

Even Tom's horse Cooper is bored. Lets just say yesterday he managed to get the door open to Tom's shop and had a good time exploring farm equipment and checking out the work Tom is doing on the tractor. Tom was left cleaning up the shop - at least he didn't have to clean the stall to - all the manure was in the shop. This is the furtherest he has been out all week.

I have been keeping busy doing little things that need to be done in the house. Today I am tackling my office, knitting room, craft room and whatever else gets dumped in that room. I have my work cut out for me.
Just remember - Spring is right around the corner!!