Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finished, started, Ah Ha moment and of course - snow!

Looking at the calendar - were almost to the middle of the month - seems like we just started this year a day or 2 ago.

Finished - Below is a wool heart that is stuffed, attached to a candlestick holder with a bow tied around it - finished just in time for Valentine's day. Took me awhile to get motivated on this one - but at long last it is done. Started - A pair of socks for Tom - hopefully they will be done before the cold weather is over.

Ah Ha moment!! I finally figured out a heel for a sock that I could do and was so simple it had me questioning why have I been messing around with all those other heels?? I have heard its not a heel that is going to last a long, long time - but really who cares. At the rate I was going there would not even be a pair of socks for a long, long time. I see more socks in my future.

Just had to show you some snow - but also there is sunshine - that blinding sort of winter sunshine and the temperature is on the rise. The weatherman is calling it the January thaw - really I am hoping it continues right through February and March.

Enjoy your day....

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