Monday, March 1, 2010

March!! Yeah!!

What a relief - we made it through February. For me that is a month that can really get to you and with all the snow we had - well I was glad to see it go. We still have lots of snow - it was still snowing yesterday, but today has been warm - if you call 35 warm and sunny.

What color do you think of as a March color?? I think of green and as you can see below I finished a pair of green socks just in time. I am finally getting the construction part of socks. I have the toe down, the heel could use some work (I think I am slipping the stitches wrong on the one side, but they are not awful looking). The leg part is great. Now for the cuff and bind off. They are a little too loose for my taste. That's what I will work on for my next pair.
Hope you had a little bit of sunshine in your life today!!


Terri said...

Those are precious! :) I am jealous of your knitting ability!

Lib said...

Pretty Socks!
I'm ready for spring!!!!!!!