Friday, August 27, 2010

5 for Friday

Impatience that are still growing strong - even in the heat that we have had.
A new barn door finished this week.

More impatience - these need some more attention - usually they are overflowing - I think more water on my part would help - also some cooler temps.

A new spot for the chicken coop - in the shade - fence on the agenda for this weekend and the girls will be moving in.

Of course knitting!!! Hope you have some good things planned for your weekend....


QuiltedSimple said...

Like the knits! I'm so glad I didn't put any flowers in pots - way to hot! How is the orange sweater coming?

Nancy M. said...

The flowers are beautiful! I love your chicken coop too!

Lib said...

Love the pix,thanks for sharing!