Sunday, March 13, 2011

March - So Far

I think March is a month of changing weather and we certainly are seeing that.
The picture from below was from Friday. One of those really heavy snows that was really, really pretty, but I have seen enough white stuff. Flooding is all over the place. This was from March 5th, trying to get to Jessica's basketball game. Roads were closed, some areas looked like this and we made it through and then there was the one that had a marker that was almost 2 feet and fast moving water - we turned around for that one. Our basement was not spared and even though its a mess dealing with all that water it made me get going and start cleaning out what I keep putting off.
I'm hoping for more days like this - sunny and warmer. I'm not asking for 70ish - but maybe a few 50 days!!

Just like most of the country were hoping for Spring very, very soon!!
Have a good week.....