Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yesterday - Today - What a difference

That old saying what a difference a day makes is true. In the picture below its really hard to tell how hard it is snowing, but believe me it was coming down and its done that now for about 2 weeks. Every single day, sometime during the day its snows around here. We have been lucky - we have lots of snow, but we could have more. Now skip down to the next picture. See that sunshine - it started early this morning and has continued throughout the day. Boy did we need this. Sunshine really helps those winter blah's!! I'm not getting to excited though - those weather people say we could be getting another storm by Monday.

To keep me from going stir crazy these last few weeks - and also to stay somewhat in shape I took advantge of being 60 - I joined our local rec center. Once you are 60 you can join for 13 months for $100.00. I thought that was a pretty good deal so I signed up and have been walking on their track several times a week. Just one thing I have noticed since starting this, their mile seems a lot longer than the one I walk with Marley. Marley and I were walking around 2 miles last fall - just saying maybe their measuring is off -(LOL). I get a mile in but those last few laps are a struggle.
Hope you are all enjoying some clear and sunny weather today. Where are you spring??


Nancy M. said...

It does look much better with the sun out! We are supposed to be dry and reach 60 on Saturday. I'm excited!

marit said...

We still have a lot of snow, but it's not coming any new snow. It's just so cold that nothing melts...They sun is shining, and the days are so much longer! It's light when the kids go to school around 8am, and it's still light at 5:30pm! I even thought I saw some green on the trees the other day, but that may have been wishful thinking-LOL!
Have a lovely weekend! Hope you can get proper walks with Marley again soon!