Monday, October 4, 2010

Vacation Highlights

Vacation started way back in September with a trip to the local Farmer's Market. I finally got there early enough to get this great bouquet of sunflowers and lillies. Most of the time I don't get there until noon and the flowers are sold out. Good way to start the week off I thought. We did a few day trips around Ohio, doing some shopping in Amish country and tractor hunting.

After driving all over the place looking at tractors and seeing if we could find a good deal on one - we ended up about 2 miles from our house and found this one. I can't remeber all the specifics on it but I do know its a Ferguson, it was the right price and it now is in the barn awaiting some restoring. We don't know exactly when we will be retiring - but the plan is to restore and repair old tractors after we are done working the jobs we have now. I am amazed how tractors have gone up in price over the past few years so hopefully this is a good investment for the future.

I did get in lots of knitting and finished some projects- those pictures soon.
Be back soon!!

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