Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Days of November

Really! Not so bad of a November in these parts. No work for me today so I got in a walk early this morning. This was about the only color I saw - love that red!!
Lots of sunshine already at 10:00 a.m.

It was cold out though - that stuff you see on the water is ice starting to form.

Who knows when I will get back out to this park for a walk - December in almost here - but then again maybe it will be like November - sunny - a little chilly some days, really warm others and in general good walking weather. A girl can hope - right??
See you next month!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Among other projects I have a Cowl addiction going on. Got on Ravelry, figured out a good amount of stitches to cast on and just started knitting - changing the stitches or just leaving it plain. Really a relaxing way to go - no pressure whatsoever. I have knitted 3 so far and got Jessica to model the two below. She makes a much better model than Grandma.

Just winging it must be working out okay - I have knit 2 gray and 1 blue one so far - I only have the blue left. Both the gray ones I have seen walking out the door on the necks of Kris and Sara. I think I'll have to start another one this afternoon while football is on. Go Browns!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


That's what the weather has been around here. Several days of windows that were not yet closed for the winter open - lots of sunshine - still mowing grass (I could do without that chore) -enjoying every day!!
I wish this could last for several more weeks - but it's supposed to end tomorrow. I'll be back soon - I need to enjoy this last day of Indian Summer!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just A Trace!!

This is on the front porch this morning, Tom had to scrape his car off, but its now almost 10:30 and most of it has disappeared. Just a tease from Mother Nature letting us know its coming.
I have been busy outside most of the week, getting things ready for winter. Looks like I will get some more time this week though as they say we are going up into the 60s after today.
Just to let you know, I have been knitting, knitting and doing more knitting. I am trying to keep a realistic schedule of Christmas knitting. This weekend there will be wood stacking, knitting, cleaning the house, knitting, doing some errands, knitting, a baby shower to attend, working at my job and more knitting. All I need is a few more rows on a sweater and I will have met my goal for the week of what I wanted to get done. I even have a few finished things to show you - I just have to find the time to take some pictures and stop knitting long enough to blog.
Have a great weekend. Hope you have sunny skies and warm temperatures and NO SNOW!!

Sunday Road Trip

We didn't end up where we wanted to last Sunday, but the day was great anyways. We decided after church it was to long to head 2 hours away - since we were getting a late start - so we opted for an hour away at Mochican State Park. As you can see by the pictures it was a great, great fall day, perfect for driving, walking and checking out an awesome covered bridge.

Be back in a minute!!