Tuesday, December 6, 2011


She turned a year old in October, we picked her up on a very cold and snowy night in December. A year that has went flying by, watching her grow and wondering if we would ever get out of the puppy stage.

She stays in the yard (even when the neighbor kids and dogs look like they would be so much fun), we can walk in the park without wanting to stop and play with everyone we see, potty training is down pat, she always wants to sit in Tom's lap, which she is definitely too big for now but manages to sneak up when he is not looking. She knows everything - everything!! that is going on in the neighborhood - I think she can hear the mail truck a mile away and on cold nights she's a great foot warmer at the botton of the bed.

So after all that crazy puppy time (wondering if we were going to survive some of those days) - are we keeping her - definitely!!