Sunday, March 8, 2009

Knitting, stitching and chilling out!!

Its raining like crazy here today, although I will say we have had some rather warm days - almost 60 is what I consider warm for northern Ohio in March. It was so nice to get outside without all those clothes you need in the winter. To wet to do anything outside - and with the rain we are having it will be awhile. Its living up to its reputation though - mud season. The chickens were even able to come out of the barn for 2 days. Once they found an opening in the gate they were out like a flash. So far they have been staying right around the barn but as soon as its dry and we are able we will have to put the fence back up. We have neighbors -they are not going to like chickens roaming in their yard.

Below is a little rabbit I have been working on. Its on a piece or orange wool that I got at a little store in Seville. I just took a pattern from a book that I have, cut him out and sewed him on the orange wool. I think Iam going to put some wool pennies around him and he will become a pillow. I cut out a couple of others - so I am going to work on them tonight. Easy, quick, cheap - and a good Spring project. Next up is my toe up sock. I really don't want to jinx this but - its going really well. I did make one mistake and had to many stitches on the needle - but I was able to rip it out and get it back on the needles without having to start over. I'm doing the magic loop method. At first I was going to do double points but it was a little confusing. This time around magic loop and the sock pattern are breezing along - maybe I just gained more experience??

Work is moving right along. The beginning of the week was sort of slow but it seems by Thursday the schedules had been moved around and I have had plenty of work. I hope it stays that way. Don't know if I mentioned this but I get paid by how much I type and when there is no work you know your not making any money when you are sitting waiting for another report to come up - very frustrating and stressful. Hopefully this week will go off without a hitch.
Hope you all have a good week!!

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Lib said...

Love the rabbit project!
Hope your work stays good.
DH will be laid off 1 yr. next month. JObs has dried up here.:o(
All our needs are met,we're very Thankful for that!
HAve a great wk.