Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Wednesday

What's going on here today??

Vegetable beef soup cooking on the stove. Peach, blueberry cobbler to be made later. Some new knitting. The cropped cardigan did not work out - boy was that thing small - so rip, rip, rip and starting a new sweater - 28thirty. I think this yarn will be better suited for this sweater. Also some magazine reading and I bought some DMC thread for a little sewing project I'm going to attempt.

High wind warnings this morning, but then the sun came out so Marley and I were off for a walk. This is Tom's horse, Cooper standing at the fence. He followed us down the lane as far as he could go.

Marley enjoying running through the hay field.

One of those pictures that I uploaded and then went - Where did that come from?? Didn't know how to get rid of it either - The sun was shining, I was just aiming at the dog running through water but I don't see any of that here. Just ignore. Senior moment - I can definitely say that now, Monday I got a Golden Buckeye card - here in Ohio it gets you discounts at certain places and if you need to show proof that you are a senior you whip this card out. That was kind of depressing. They could have at least waited until after my BD.

Cooper wondering why he didn't get to go walking.

That's all I have for today. I'm off to do some knitting before I have to get back to work. Hope your having a good Wednesday!!


Mary Q said...

Love that you've been writing more lately and posting scads of pictures. I'm still smiling over looking at Marley and Cooper just now. Things look just beautiful outdoors there right now -- though I know that'll change soon when winter sets in. UGH! Too bad fall can't last a few months longer (how about all year long!). Enjoy it while you can. Colorado expects temps in the 30s today with a little bit of snow!

marit said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday!!!