Friday, November 20, 2009

Burned out on fingerless mitts...

I was reading blogs today and seems like everyone is gearing up on their Christmas projects.

Last year I made at least a dozen pairs of fingerless mitts. I made Toast, Those Mitts and Toasty all from a-friend-to-knit-with patterns. They were great, but then I started on this last pair. They were for me. The one on the left was knit last year just a few days before Christmas and then I ran out of steam. After all those mitts I didn't even have a pair for myself. I came across them the other day and decided I need to get the right one done. After about an hour of knitting I only have a few more rows and then the thumb and I will be done. I should have nice Toasty fingers by Thanksgiving.
I decided this year there will be no marathon of knitting, actually I'm hardly knitting anything for anyone - but then - yesterday I went to the LYS and saw this really cute project. Something that all the girls in the family could use - from the youngest to the oldest so of course I hopped on the knitting marathon again. I can't give away the details because its a surprise - but hopefully I will end up with one when all the knitting is done. I should probably make mine first - what do you think??
Have a good weekend!!

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Terri said...

That happens all the time around here - I can't be trusted near a yarn or fabric or hobby shop near the holidays, I really can't! Good luck with your new project - can't wait to see photos!