Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!! Couldn't have planned those knitting colors any better if I had tried. I'm still knitting baby hats - this time for a shower on Sunday where the couple don't know if its a boy or girl - so I knit a pink and blue hat as part of their gift. You can see I have pink yarn already planned for another hat. My first time using KnitPicks CotLin - I think that's how you spell it. The light pink is out of some stash, but the KnitPicks will be my choice from now on. You can also see part of the table topper that Sara made for me.

Here it is the middle of February. Even with all the snow and cold we have had the days just keep flying by. Much warmer here yesterday and today, but that wind is really kicking up today. The weatherman says near 50 by the end of the week - even if it rains that warmth will be welcome.

No work this morning again - its becoming a regular Monday happening so I'm off to do some knitting - see if I can finish up another project that has been laying around for awhile now.

Hope your day is a good one!!!

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Terry said...

Baby hats are so sweet! Now I know who you are! I met up with Sara once in real life! :0)