Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweaters and Quilts!!

Below is one of the sweaters that I had been working on for Christmas - this is Matt's girlfriend Ashley and if I must say so that sweater really came out great. It looks good, fits good. I love knitting with Malabrigo. Next up is a quilt - a very wonderful quilt - that Sara brought me the other day. Its from P.S. I Quilt and words can't describe it. I feel bad that her sewing machine broke while quilting it, her washing maching broke while washing it - but then again I don't feel all that bad because after all that she was not happy with it and I was the lucky person she gave it to.

The storm we were supposed to get ended up being a little bit of everything but for us not all that bad. I'm sitting by the fire, wrapped in the quilt above, knitting today. PERFECT!!
Stay warm and safe....

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