Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How do you display your quilts??

It is still snowing here!! We had a break yesterday but it has started again today with promises of inches more by tomorrow.

Below is a picture that I thought you might enjoy of a little doll quilt that my grandmother made for my daughters Kris and Sara when there were around 6 and 4. They also had little sheets and pillows to go with them. My grandmother was a good quilter, sewer of clothes. Maybe that is where Kris and Sara get this sewing thing from - I don't think they inherited from me. Although I am going to give the sewing machine a try again after Christmas. Last week I was reading blogs (FYI - I read a lot of blogs. If I need a break from all the typing I read a blog, if I have a spare minute to take a break I read a blog, you get the picture). Sara's blog links you to http://cornbreadandbeansquilting.wordpress.com. Really cool blog, Melissa works in a quilt store, has 2 little girls and is always on the go it seems. I asked her about how she had displayed a quilt. The next thing I know she has 2 posts on how to display quilts. If you are looking for a quilt display idea go see her blog. Its back a few posts, somewhere about December 14-15. There were some really cool ideas.

I have lots and lots of quilts and I'm not even a quilter. I do have 2 very generous daughters who keep me in beautiful quilts. I seem to have a lot of small doll size quilts. I use them on tables and just about anywhere. I was looking for a place to keep them when they are not in use.

Thus - I came up with this. This is the wall right before you go down the hall. Today I was walking past there and thought okay I can put all those little quilts in this empty basket that is hanging on the wall. It has been there awhile but I just never got around to putting something in it. I thought it looked good empty to - but even better with the little quilts rolled up and put inside.

Thanks to Melissa for the inspiration. Thanks to my daughters (quilted simple and quilting bookworm) for all the quilts you have gifted me, made for me when I asked and for keeping that sewing craft going in our family.

By the way girls -- I seem to be short on Christmas quilts - little tiny ones that I like so much for on my tables... Keep that in mind for next year, please!!


QuiltedSimple said...

I'm sewing feverishly on your picnic quilt, your Trail to Kansas Quilt, your vintage quilt (that I picked up at the junk store for $2 for the top) AND your Christmas present.....do you want me to halt all those projects and do you some Christmas quilts?????hehehe

I remember that quilt....

QuiltedSimple said...

Hey....wait a minute....I did make you a snowman table topper - that's kind of sort of Christmasy, isn't it?????

Gill - That British Woman said...

Could I also say hint, hint to your daughter's about how I could do with some more quilts as well!! LOL

Gill in Canada

Sara said...

I love the little basket with the quilts in it. I also remember that quilt, but if I remember right Kris hogged it from me! LOL! What kind of small quilt would you like - specifically Christmas or winter? I can do either. And maybe I will just have to change part of your present!

Renee said...

aw, the basket is a great place for your little quilt collection. it really looks nice. you are very blessed to have your girls who quilt.

Mitzi Zohar said...

You're so lucky to have such a lovely selection of quilts and I really love the way you've displayed them! Mitzi