Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where did that week go??

Here we are and its Sunday again. These days seem to be just flying by. We had some really nice days at the beginning of the week so I was outside or working most days. Since yesterday that has al changed - its snowing!! We don't have much on the ground but you see it on the roofs and cars. I think the ground is to warm still. Its supposed to put us in the holiday mood - right??

You can see from the picture above I have been working on fingerless mitts. On the red one I actually made a thumb - which was a first for me. I do have to rip it out as I pulled so hard the yarn broke. I was using Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed and that has happened to me more than once, especially after ripping out a section. I think I was getting a little stressed trying to figure that out. The self-stripping pair is made out of a hand dyed yarn that I made a shawl out. It was really nice to knit with but won't be able to get my hands on anymore of that as the shop has closed.
I also started on a stocking cap for my grandson Tyler and need to get busy on a pair of fingerless mitts for Jessica as she will get her cast off tomorrow. I will be doing a lot of knitting this week.
Hope you have a great week......

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Lib said...

Our weather is Cold also! I'm not a winter person!
Love your gloves. Great job!
Have a great wk.