Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Tyler!!

Today he is 6- where did the years go - and they keep getting faster.
We went to Kris and Todd's today to celebrate Tyler's birthday. He is such a cutie, sometimes so grown up and others still needing for Grandma or Grandpa to do something for him. He is such a joy to have around. We love having him over and when he does come for the day he usually has a goal in mind "Grandpa and I are going to work. Grandma and Jessica go to the house and do girl stuff." When it has just been myself and him he tells me to go to the house that he's going to the barn to work. That makes me cringe a little bit because I know that Tom's tools will be everywhere and some we won't find a few things for awhile. I have went down to see what he's doing and he is just standing at the tool box looking. I'm looking forward to many, many years of enjoying his company and seeing where the road in life leads him.

It was a great party with all the relatives from both sides of the family and we definitely ate to much. I think it will be an early night for me tonight. Last night around 6:30 we went to pick up Tom's new glasses and after that we stopped at Starbucks where I got a latte. I was tired but boy did that wake me up. I was on a mission, watching an on line tutorial to cast on for another sock and ripping it out 5-6 times. I think I have it now but with the coffee and my intense knitting I was up until 12:30 - and believe me that is past my bedtime. Tomorrow it's Monday already. Why do weekends go so fast - could somebody please answer that question for me??

Enjoy you week. Hopefully it will be Spring where you are.


Nancy M. said...

My son loves that cake he had! Did y'all buy it or make it? You know boys love their legos. Tyler is very handsome!

Philigry said...

that sounds like a great weekend. i know, they go by way too fast! you are so funny talking about the sock! i have done stuff like that too.

Lib said...

Happy to Tyler!
Have a great wk.