Saturday, April 4, 2009

What are your plans for the weekend?

All I can say is hurray for a weekend and April. Last month was a little crazy with all the work issues, weather etc. I had been meaning to post about my son's BD but it totally got away from me. I had him out digging a hole for me one night this week and snapped a picture of the tattoo that he got as a BD present to himself. If you are an alumni of Ohio State and a huge Buckeye football fan this seems appropriate. As a matter of fact Tom and I are also fans - Go Bucks!!

It was nice enough on Thursday that I had him working in the front flower beds - doing the manual labor for me. This year is work on the front - as now mostly everything is done - meaning new roof and painting. We will be working on the back of the house over the course of the Summer - new roof, windows and possibly some new siding. Sure hope it doesn't take as long as the front. The picture below is the big, beautiful bouquet of daffodils my neighbor brought me. We have an empty house in the neighborhood and the people told her to help herself to whatever blooms - so she did. The whole backyard of this house is daffodils everywhere, planted long ago by an elderly couple, they are even in the grass. I am certainly enjoying them!

Right now I have laundry, cleaning and whatever else I can get done before Tom gets home. Then its lunch and we need to go get more wood. I certainly hope it warms up soon because we are going through the wood like crazy. I'm ignoring the fact that I saw snow in the forecast for later in the week. Tomorrow is Tyler's BD, so I will have a BD post on him. Enjoy your weekend, they are always to short for me!!

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Lib said...

Happy Birthday to your son!
Love your flowers!
We are having a quite laid back wk.end.
We're 70s tomorrow then down to 20s and may get snow on Tues.?!?! Lol
Have a great wk.end!