Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few finished knits

Finally....I got another cropped cardigan done. This one is Sara's. Its a heather brown made out of Lopi by Reynolds. This one came out better than the first - so there is hope that someday I'll be knitting sweaters like crazy. I am a little bored with this pattern so thus I won't be making mine anytime soon - maybe for next Fall. I have my eye on a couple of other patterns though - and there is still plenty of sweater wearing time here in Ohio. Next up is Jessica in a hat pattern from over at a-friend-to-knit-with. The yarn is Lion Brand - I had in my stash. It came out really good but the next time I think I will try to make it on double points - I really don't like sewing up seams. Tyler got a neck warmer that is on tiennie knits. She put out several patterns for hats and this neck warmer. This one is brown and out of Mission Falls merino superwash. I can see me making more of these for next year - just right for when you don't want a scarf. Thanks to both of those girls for publishing the patterns - they are well written and easy to follow. Just what I was looking for!!

That's all I have to show for today. I have one more thing to finish - Kris still needs her fingerless mitts. I will get to those this week because I did start a pair of socks and so far so good. I'm taking a toe up sock class next month so I needed to start practicing using double points and sock yarn. My other socks have been magic loop and with heavier weight yarn. Problem is with magic loop I knit way to loose. The socks were way to big. They were to big for Matt and Tom even - plus they didn't like the color even if they did fit - a nice soft blue stripe was not what they had in mind.
I am also participating in yellow week over at houseonhillroad. This will be a challenge. I have learned that I am not a yellow person - I have only come up with 3 things to show. I'm going to have to keep looking, I have to have more yellow.
Our town is having an ice festival this weekend so were headed off this afternoon to go look at all the neat ice sculptures. The whole town gazebo area is filled with them and a lot of shops have them in front of the store and they are usually themed to what they are selling. I'm hoping to get to Studio Knit to show you the one they have. On my way to the grocery store yesterday I saw it was wearing a hat and scarf.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.....

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Terri said...

Nice sweater. One of these days I'm going to have to learn to knit!