Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's a heart day!!

I'm ready to get started on my heart pictures for the month now. Today was so cold (-6 this morning) but the sun was out and it makes it look so much better - at least for me. I started taking pictures of all the heart things that I have and although I don't have enough for every day of the month - I do have enough for for every couple of days. Why don't you join me - I would love to see your heart decorations.
The picture above is of a little quilt that Kris made for me long ago. I think it was the first Christmas that she and Todd were married that she made this. It has spent most of its time on this quilt rack shelf above the couch in our living room. It was probably one of my first handmade quilt pieces.
When Tom gets home from work later we are going out to get some wood. The wood we have been getting is just to unreliable to get going - it seems to be wet and all it does is sit and hiss instead of getting toasty warm. Thus it was a very cold house this morning. So I'm off to make supper, do some washing and sit and knit for a little bit. I have a feeling after we get done loading the truck with wood I will be going to bed a little early tonight.

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Kristie said...

Love the heart quilt! She did a wonderful job! It is finally starting to warm up here a little bit. Alot of the snow and ice have melted here today. Thank goodness!

I am starting to hate firewood! :) Well, I love heating with it and it helps so much on the electric bill but man, I just hate having to pack it in all of the time. Hubby and oldest son do alot of it for me. We have the 2 sawmills so we burn alot of slabs and most of those are oad but also throw so Hickory in it to.