Tuesday, June 17, 2008

About Me!

First thanks for all the comments that were left. I thought I would be the only one reading, and my daughters of course. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I read a lot of the blogs on Kris and Sara's list so some of you I feel I already know.

I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. I have been married to the same man for 38 years this September - and yes after that long you start to think alike. We have 3 children - Kris - who by the way has a BD on Friday, Sara and Matt and 5 grandchildren. I am a medical transcriptionst and work at home. Not as good as you think it would be though, for the last few years we have had to punch a time clock. We live out in what used to be country, but is slowly being taken over by housing. Most of the farm land around us has been sold off and the rest I am sure will be soon. We have 5 acres and our land actually is against land that is not suitable for building on - so for now we are safe and have no one in back of us - just woods. We have horses, chickens and a border collie - Annie. We actually gave up our rented farm land several years ago but still rent 7 acres behind us and do hay - which will be starting soon. I just got chickens about a month ago and tomorrow some more at supposed to be coming. I have a rooster and really love hearing him crow in the morning. The rooster and chickens are about 12 weeks - so actually I thought the dog had taken after something when he first started crowing. He sounded sick, but he is getting better at it. I like to knit, garden and walk. I love having the grandkids over. I don't quilt, but I do have lols of quilts. I am pretty good at talking Kris or Sara into making me some.

Tomorrow I am going to the our local yarn shop, I am stuck on my sock. I am just learning how to knit socks and this is where I had problems in the class I took. Also I heard Kris and the grandkids are coming over, there is a circus at our local fair grounds tomorrow. Hopefully she will bring her camera and I will have pictures to share.

Have a good evening. Jackie


Sara said...

HI Grandma,
I read your blog.
I'll take a picture of Annie for you to post.

QuiltedSimple said...

Please don't mention the BD - haha. I'll be over tomorrow night...
38 years ....yes, you and Dad do think alike.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Dear Country Chicken!! Smile!! I do not know what else to call you...

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Hello! Thank you for leaving a post on my blog. I also am a medical transcriptionist. I worked for a company for 16 years until they started going crazy with rules and regulations, so I switched! Much happier now :o)