Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday, I had the afternoon off

Wednesday I only work a half day, so it was off to the LYS for me. I got some help on my sock and think I can made some progress now. Did I mention I love Starbucks?? I just had to stop and get a latte. That is one thing I can't resist. I also made a great spaghetti sauce for dinner. If you haven't done so yet check out pioneerwomancooks blog. She is a great cook and has all sorts of things for any type of appetite. I used her chicken linguine recipe. It was excellent.

The grandkids got here late from the circus, but they had a great time. They got to ride a camel and elephant. I am sure you will see pictures on Kris blog. So no pictures today, maybe later in the week.

Until next time

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