Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Here is a picture of my chickens and dog, Annie. I adopted her when she was 7 through a vets office. We have had her about 3 years. She is a border collie all the way. She is always wanting to herd something. Now with the chickens she is very busy, I am thinking almost to busy. She never pays any attention to me anymore. She spends her day running between the horses and chickens, making sure everybody is where they should be. The chickens have actually flew over the fence a few times and she really is good at getting them back in. I got the chickens from a man who hatched them out and they were probably about 8 weeks old. I am thinking they are at least 12 weeks now and hoping that soon we will be getting eggs. We have really close neighbors, as all our properties are long and narrow. The rooster has really been doing a good job crowing every morning, faithfully at 5:30. He is almost as good as an alarm clock. Both Tom and I love hearing him in the morning. Hopefully our neighbors will feel the same. We try to be good neighbors. There are 4 families in a row and we are always helping each other with something. We did tell them if the crowing bothers them let us know and we will get rid of him. I hope that doesn't happen.
I should have titled this grandkids weekend. Yesterday Tom and I were going to go to our grandson Tom's baseball game. We had a terrible thunderstorm and got about 2 inches of rain so the game was canceled. I heard there is another one Saturday, so maybe we can make that.
Today I went to the Firefighters Festival in the town where Kris lives (Tom had to work). Jessica and Tyler were in the parade on a float of their babysitters throwing candy to everyone. They looked like they were having a great time. Its really hard to watch Jessica walk though after her broken leg. It has really slowed her down. I think she was faster with a cast and crutches.
Tomorrow is a horse show at the local fair grounds, so we are going to go see Joe ride. Once upon a time, when Kris and Sara were growing up we went to horse shows every weekend so we still have some friends that show and it will be good to see them. I love watching Joe ride. He is so serious and intent on doing things right. He also has a really nice horse.
So, if it doesn't rain Tom and I will get to see all 4 grandkids doing something that is important to them.
Sunday will be nap day!!


Kristie said...

Hope everyone has a good time at the horse show! Love the chickens and I do agree there is nothing like hearing a rooster crow every morning.

Lib said...

Your Blog is coming along nicely:o)
Love the pics. you shared!