Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gardening and weekend

This is the right side of my garden. Its actually from about 2 weeks ago and everything has gotten a lot bigger. The problem is we have had so much rain. You can't see the potatoes on the left and they are doing wonderfully but the tomatoes are starting to get yellow leaves. Tom and I spent an hour today weeding and running the rototiller. The middle isn't even planted yet, we had planned on more corn and more potatoes. Hopefully it will stop raining in the next week and we can finish. Our town has a Farmer's Market that started right after Memorial Day and I did get there on Saturday. I bought potatoes, cukes, red potatoes and some wonderful whole grain brain. The place where I got the bread also has the most wonderful scones. When I got there at 10:30 they had one left. The man at the stand said his wife had baked 75. They have the best scones I have every had.
We go to a very small church about 2 miles from our house. On a good day we have around 40 people. We have been ushers for the month of June, handing out bulletins, making sure people have what they need, helping with the collection, locking up etc. About 75% of the congregation is over 80 and have belonged to the church since it was started, back in the 1940s. They are a lot of fun though and we really enjoy being members there. Tom and I have been sprucing up the front of the church by planting flowers and bushes for the past couple of weeks. This week we hope to get some mulch spread and it should be done for awhile. We moved alot of the shrubs around but they seem to be doing really well with all the rain and cooler weather we have been having.
We did get to the horse show yesterday. No baseball though. My grandson was almost at the very end of the show with his classes and they were really hurrying because there were severe thunderstorm warnings being issued. My daughter, Sara also rode in a class. They got to ride, got back to the trailer, got packed up and then the rain started. Don't know if we will get baseball in this week, we are supposed to get more rain.
Well I am off to knit. I have to get back on my sock before I forget where I was at. I know I mentioned I might get involved with all the finish it in the month of July things that are going on, but I didn't finish one thing so far. I am going to work on that.
Until next time...

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QuiltedSimple said...

Your garden is looking better than mine - guess I'd better get out there,