Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July Already!!

Where did June go?? I do have one thing to say, it does not feel like summer. Just Monday I wore a T-shirt and sweatshirt for most of the day it was so cold. Hopefully July will bring us dry, warm weather. We need to get some hay made.
The picture is part of my front porch. Up until last year I just had broken concrete steps. Last summer Tom built a little deck out the front and I love it. Now I have some place to put all my porch decorations. We have a large patio in back so I could put stuff out there but a front porch is just nicer. I also have a rocking chair on the other side and can be found there a lot in the afternoon knitting.
This is for all you quilters out there!! Today I was reading Country Home magazine. They listed the top 10 collectibles. #2 on the list was signature quilts. A signature quilt would be one with names of people who made it, dates, places, reason for quilt being made. Some of these can be valued at $1,000.00 or a single block for $150.00. So all you quilters out there, sign your quilts, put some interesting facts on them. Someday your children, or grandchildren could become rich from selling the quilts you made. Just make sure you keep reminding them of this fact though, otherwise they could be in the garage sale for a dollar.
My border collie, Annie is ill today. I ended up taking her to the vet and she has an upper respiratory tract infection. She had a temperature of 104. She is on a antibiotic but he prescribed Robitussin DM for her cough. Its really difficult trying to give a dog cough medicine. She and I both were kind of covered in it, but I did get some down.
Until next time......


Kristie said...

I sure hope your dog gets better! Actually my sister's poodle that I am watching this week while she is on vacation, is on cough medicine too. She HATES it!

I have not made a signature quilt yet! I would love to make one for my Mom some day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

farm mom said...

Wow! Love the potted plant! I'm not so good with container gardening or indoor plants. I somehow manage to kill 'em off, everytime. Guess my green thumb is reserved for outdoors only! :)

Sara said...

Front porch looks awesome mom! How's Annie today?