Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Wednesday afternoon and a ??

Its Wednesday again. The only thing different today is Tom has the day off also. Its hot (almost 90 degrees), sunny and great hay making weather. They do keep changing the weather forecast just a bit, but hopefully they will be wrong and we will get some hay made. Hopefully later today I will have some pictures of that.
For now - I see that some of you are doing 5 projects finished in July - or something like that. See that pile on the bench?? I would just like to get 5 things done on that bench by the end of July. I know, I know, its July 15 and there is a lot of stuff there. Those baskets are fully of knitting that needs just a little something to be finished, the large tub has baskets that need to be store somewhere and in one of those baskets is a pair of capri pants that need a button. I think I need to step up the pace a little. I did get one item off the bench yesterday though. There are 2 dishes that needed to go back to church, so when I went to weed I took them back. I just never think of it on Sunday morning. Wish me luck!!
Now for the question. The girl that I got my older chickens from has some extras, I think she has about 50 chickens. She said I could have few, just come and get what I want. How do you introduce new chickens into a flock?? Someone told her vanilla on their heads?? If you have any ideas I would appreciate it.
Until later today.....

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Lib said...

I can't offer advise on the chicks, but I do enjoy reading your blog.:o)