Saturday, July 19, 2008

This blog in interrupted for hay season

Whew. Haying never goes as planned. I definitely had different ideas, but then again I should know better. We started out really good on Wednesday and Thursday. Things moving right along. Friday came and was a different story. We have had a baler for probably close to 12 years that we traded with another farm couple for the use of our round baler. Things went well, but then things happen like divorce, death and auctions. All of a sudden the now farmer woman shows up wondering if we still had HER baler. Note: We did try to take this baler back several years ago but they said No, no, its yours to help pay for some of the repairs that we caused on your round baler. Okay, we are nice people, go ahead and take it, we will borrow a baler, we probably still have 600 bales to go. We borrow our neighbors, 2 bales into the field loud noises were heard, its broken. Lots of fixing, trips to the farm parts store, 7 hours later and only 45 bales were made. Now what. Get the paper out, no balers to be had that were advertised, except maybe Pennsylvania. We called the people we used to rent land off asking - do you still have that baler that you wanted us to take several years back, broken, but maybe we could fix. (I should add, my husband can fix just anything and several people know this). Yes we do, come on over and see what you can do. We were in the barn until midnight Friday night trying to get it to work, reading the book, unbaling hay and hand feeding it to this baler. Tom was up at 6:00 this morning. Good thing we have good neighbors, as the baler was running at 7:00 this morning. Our of our neighbors heard us and brought us over a loaf of fresh baked bread to make toast with. So now its off to the field to see what we have come up with. Actually the best part was the book said if you think this part is out of alignment hit it with a hammer. We did 3 taps with the hammer, hopefully it wasn't to much. If this doesn't work we are going to see if we can rent a round baler as the rain is coming.

So wish us luck, say a prayer and hopefully this will all be a story we can talk about to our grandkids some day. You know how that goes: Back in 2008, I was baling in the field on a 90 degree day, etc., etc, etc.

Until next time.......


Lib said...

Bless your Hearts! Hope the rest goes well.:o)
Hope ya'll have a great wk.end.

Jena said...

Oh the joys of hay season! Last year we had so many problems with our equipment. It seems like things only break when there is a big storm coming! I hope things go well for you for the rest of the summer!