Sunday, July 27, 2008

More pics from the weekend

Just uploading some more pictures from yesterday at the park. About a mile from our house is a county park. They have about 10 miles of bike-walking paths that are asphalt and one runs along a creek. That is where the biking picture is of Tom and the grandkids. They biked 3 miles and I walked. My leg was bothering me yesterday so I walked a little bit and turned around. These 2 are the lily pads and the creek that you walk along. Gorgeous any time of the year.
When Annie was feeling better we would walk just about every day at this park. Unfortunately she is still not feeling well, the cough seems to be getting better but she has no appetite and is still very weak. She will force herself to get up if she thinks a job needs to be done, but other than that she just lays around. I still haven't given up on her though - just taking longer than I would have thought.
Up next will be a garden tour that I went on today. Its an annual event and the gardens were unbelievable.
Hopefully I will be back later....

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Lib said...

Neat pics.! Thanks for sharing!
Hope you have agreat wk.