Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gardening at the church

These are the pictures of the flower beds I have been working on at church. I think I mentioned this a few posts back. We are at the end of the project for a while, just have to keep things looking nice. May in the Fall will make some other changes. The trick was to use what was there, add a few things but not spend a lot of money. I think Tom and I managed to do the whole project for under $75.00 so that wasn't too bad. We moved several of the shrubs and due to all the rain we have been having everything is still living. In the fall I want to add some perenials, those annuals are really expensive. The water to the outside is not left on, so you just can't pull up in the parking lot and start watering. This is one thing that all the rain we have had has benefited. Still to much rain for making hay. Until next time....


Lib said...

How Pretty!Great job,and you did great with your budget:o)
The church is Beautiful. ILove white churchs such as yours.

Kristie said...

Looks like you did a wonderful job!!! The church looks so pretty and nice!!!