Monday, July 21, 2008

Haying is done

We are done with our first cutting hay. Since it is so late we probably won't get a second cutting, but then again the way it has rained you never know. We got over 1,000 bales out of the 2 fields. We actually finished up Sunday. We had one wagon left but got to tired at the end of the day on Saturday to continue. We had left a very thick row for the last one and decided if it got rained on we would have bedding for the chickens. We only got a few drops on Sunday morning and were able to bale it up by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. After all the problems on Friday, everything worked out okay for Saturday and Sunday. Lot of broken string on Saturday and rebaling but you'll have that. Now to enjoy the week before its on to another project. We need to make some repairs to the barn roof - its next on the list.

Hope to have some pictures on tomorrow or Wednesday. Sunday I stopped in at the local antique store and got 2 nice things for $22.00.

Until next time......


Kristie said...

I'm sure you are glad to have it done! We are going to end up having to buy a little more to get us through Winter.

Lib said...

Good for ya'll!Life is never idle or boring on a farm huh?;o)