Sunday, August 24, 2008

A little of everything!!

Been a busy week and the time seems to be flying by. Today we did get to a horse show for about an hour. Just to get Tom's horse - Cooper - away from home and to a different surrounding. He was a little spooky at first but did settle down. As we got there it started to rain so we sat in the truck for about 20 minutes. Then we walked around and decided to leave as you could see more rain was coming. Thats okay, I bet we haven't had rain in about 3-4 weeks of any significance - we will take it when we can get it. Knitting has been slow also, just to dang hot. I see we are in for some cooler weather so that will help me get going a little faster. The picture below is of the ponchette I am working on. Takes 3 balls of yarn and I have about 1 1/2 done.

As you can see by the picture the egg production has picked up. We have 3 hens laying now and have been getting 3 eggs just about every day. Going to have to figure out how to bake with them - they are a bit on the small side at the moment.
Saturday evening Tom had to work on the weekend job his company is doing. I needed to pick up some things for a concert we are having a church tonight so rather than wait until today I figured I would go last night. One of the grocery stores we have doesn't let you take the carts out to the parking lot, they have a conveyer belt system that you drive up to with little totes that you groceries come from the inside out to the parking lot system. I drive up and had to sit in line to wait to be loaded. Out of habit I was looking at the totes thinking I don't see the number of one of my totes - they give you plastic cards with the tote number on and they write the numbers on your receipt. Well when it was my turn the people could not find my tote either - here they gave it to someone else. I had $70.00 in groceries and the only thing that was outside was 3 gallons of punch for tonight. Now I see why they write the numbers on your receipt - because without that you have no way to prove what you bought and that you are missing something. Must happen a lot though because they have people who will shop for all the things on your list, bag it up and take it to your truck. I split the list with the shopper and picked up half of the things and she got the rest. Amazing how I always took it for granted those groceries would be outside waiting for me. I will definitely pay more attention from now on - groceries are way to expensive to lost some of them.
Other than that I have just been working around the yard, painting the molding on the chicken house and all the other things that need to be done on a weekend. Back to work tomorrow.
Until next time.......


Philigry said...

i love farm fesh eggs!

Sara said...

I will be over Sunday to clean the coop if its okay!


Lib said...

Hope you have a great wk.