Saturday, August 2, 2008

Look what I found at the fair!!

We went to the fair on Friday night to watch our grandson ride his horse in the championship show. He did really good but did not place - there's always next year. We had a good time sitting on the hill that surrounds the riding ring watching and talking to everyone. After he was done riding we headed out for some fair food and to see the other projects. We had the usual fair food - gyros, french fries and elephant ears. After all that we decided we had our fill until next year.

Joe did an open photography project and one of them got a second. He was pleased with that. He also did a rock project and he shows rabbits. He got grand champion with his rabbit project. Joe is a real animal lover and next year wants to show my chickens. I should insert here his Dad likes horses but is not real crazy about other animals. Sara and Joe have talked him into letting them have a barn cat, but they have no other animals. Thus he is always trying to talk me into getting something, keeping it at our house and then he will come and take care of whatever animal it is. They had some chickens that were for sale at the fair and I said we would go look at them and we would possibly get 1-2. They were silkies. By the time we got there they were all sold and they did look like nice healthy chickens. They had Jacob sheep for sale in the same barn - he didn't talk me into those, but he did try.
Also in the same building were the quilts. Sara (quilting bookworm) had entered a quilt that got a second place.

All in all I think they had a very successful fair. I can't wait to see what they take next year!!
Tonight Tom is working a night shift. They are resurfacing a bridge that can only be done on the weekend and at night. He was hoping to be home by midnight, but just called and says it looks like it will be a long night, its going very slow. I am going to go feed the horses, put on my pajama pants, knit and watch TV. Sounds like a very good night to me.
Until next time.......


Lib said...

Congrats on the awards!
Hope you have a great day!

QuiltedSimple said...

how is taht hemp thingy you are knitting coming??


quiltwhinny said...

County Fairs are the best. How wonderful to watch your grandson ride his horse. Brings back wonderful county fair memories for me.

The Quiltwhinny