Friday, August 1, 2008

Stop!! I want to get off!!

I can't believe its August 1, already. Where is the summer going, let alone the year. I think the older I get the faster life goes. So today is cleaning up in the house for a change instead of outside - its way to hot out there. We are off to the fair tonight to watch J our grandson in the Champsionship horse show. Hopefully he will do as good as did in his other classes. You have to have gotten first, second or third place in respective classes to compete in this show and they lump you together with other ages instead of your specific age group. We are going to get some fair food, talk to some old friends and enjoy the evening out. Pictures of the what went on at the fair tomorrow - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for blue ribbons.

Until next time.....

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Lib said...

Yes, The older we get the faster time flies!!!!!!!!!
I wish ya'll lots of Good Luck at the fair!:o) Look forward to the pics.
Have a great wk.end!