Thursday, August 21, 2008

No picture Thursday

No pictures today, just to darn hot to mess with anything. Yesterday I had all the windows closed until around noon as it got so cold over night, today its almost 90.

Our church is holding a concert on Sunday night, the group is the Pine Ridge Boys, so it was off to spruce up the flower beds at church. With no rain those geraniums were looking kind of sad. Tom and I watered and weeded and now things look much better. I hope this concert venture that the church is undertaking is a success - but, if more than 60 people show up we will have a problem - very small church and very small parking lot. Tom hates to park cars there. What do you do with cars when there are no more spaces. The pastor was at the church while we were weeding and asked him to park cars. It will be interesting.

I am making progressd on my cropped cardigan. Off to work on that and watch the Olympics.

Until next time.....

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Lib said...

We're hot and humid here:o(
Hope the parking works out well!