Friday, October 10, 2008

Its almost vacation time!!

I am so excited about this vacation. Its been almost a year since I have had 7 days off in a row. Only 4 more hours of work tomorow morning and I am free!!

Today I decided to take off and get some of my errands done. We buy our meat at a packing/butcher shop in a little township south of where we live. This was the road going there, just me, the road and some beautiful Fall scenes. This is where we buy our beef and pork - they just don't carry chicken. Even though their prices have went up they are still cheaper than the local grocery stores and its definitely more edible. After you have raised your own beef or pork you tend to have real questions about the color of that grocery store meat. This place is actually right in the center of the township. There are only 3 parking spaces and if there are more than 3 shopping at the same time you are stepping on each other. You can actually take the animals you have raised to be processed there and in the front of the store is a small butcher shop.

So first I headed South. Then I came home and went over to church as we are having our turkey dinner tomorrow night. This is probably the biggest fund raiser that the Women's group has for the year. I dropped off my donations, weeded the flower beds there, came back home and then headed North to the local shops. I picked up feed, got gas (lots of gas for $2.87 a gallon), groceries and dropped off some eggs at the LYS. One of the girls who works in the store and I had a conversation about chickens, eggs, food and the economy in general last week and I said I would bring her some "fresh" eggs. I think I have my errands done for most of the week.
So that was my day - what was your day like?? Hope it was a good one. While I'm on vacation I'll try to get in a few extra posts. You can judge our progress on roofing and installing a wood stove. Right now I have a large hole in the ceiling. Boy was that a mess - so bad that I am just not cleaning until its finished. Pick any room in the house and you can write you name on the furniture from all the dust that has been made. I do have a list just to remind me of what I want to accomplish and to remind me what I want Tom to accomplish. He doesn't do lists!!
Don't forget my give away. Leave a comment on any post I make between now and October 31 and you will be entered. I will put all the names in a hat and probably have the Jessica and Tyler draw a name when they are here for trick or treat.
Enjoy the weekend....


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

I need half a cow.... that is on the list for winter. We have people around here who have one and a great butcher shop. Costs a lot upfront but helps the grocery bill so much.

Gas may be coming down, but now the food should follow right? They said the reason for the price increases was the shipping and the gas.... we will see how this plays out. Should be interesting!

Mary Q said...

Just wanted you to know how much I love your blog -- all the pictures and activities -- and also tell you what great daughters you have! Sara and I have been good friends for over a year, and I got to know Kris when Sara had her surgery earlier this year. Living vicariously through the blogs of all three of you is a lot of fun. There's so much about the lives you and your daughters live that would fit with me!

Lib said...

Hope you have a great vacation and get your list accomplished and have some fun days!
I'm stitching on towels trying to fill special orders.
Have a great wk.