Thursday, October 23, 2008

Moving right along....

We keep going getting things accomplished. The roof was done on Monday night, thanks to a neighbor who came over to help Matt (my son) and Tom. It needed to be done before the rain came and it was. The wood stove is in and we have been using it nonstop. It is really working out well for us, as a matter of fact 2 of the nights it was really, really hot - no covers type of hot. We are figuring out though how to load it, how long it will burn etc and by the time the real cold comes we should be old pros.

Below is a picture of my office. Much better than last week. Last week you could barely get in the door or even to the desk. I just kept piling up all the things we took out of the living room in there. I am slowly getting the pictures back up and its turning into a really nice room. No new pics or knick-knacks for me. I have plenty and I really like what I have. Almost looks like brand new stuff with the walls painted. Plus think of the money you save by reusing your old things.
This other picture if of my chickens. They have really grown since the summer and we are now getting 5-6 eggs a day. The black and black and white one haven't started laying yet, but the others are doing their job. Good thing we like having breakfast at dinner time.

If you look closely you can see that the grass has a white shading to it. This was taken early this morning and all that stuff is frost. I saw we are in for some really cold weather for the weekend but at least they took that snow stuff out of the forecast. Its too early to have weather like that.

I have been reading several blots lately where you can get some good ideas on how to save some of that hard earned money. I saw a tip on the internet this week about unplugging some different things that are real electricity guzzlers - like that TV you hardly watch, along with the VCR, DVD player, coffeemaker, cordless hand vac - which I was thinking about getting but will have to rethink that. For right now the broom is working for sweeping up all that wood that gets dropped from the wood stove. Gas is down to $2.46 in our area, but I have not noticed any prices going down in the stores -- wonder if that will happen? What are you doing to save money these days - I'd love to hear your ideas!!
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Lisa said...

Hi, thanks so much for your nice comment on Cranberry Flats!! Good luck in the giveaway too. I just recently started blogging also, now I'm addicted, ADDICTED!! I never thought I would ever be hooked on a darn computer. Never say never. I was reading you suggestions on unplugging items to save on energy and such. I really need to do some stuff like that too. I have a full time job and seriously thought about getting a part time too, but that's usually a pain because they expect you to work at their every whim. I wish I could come up with some miracle idea to pay all of our bills. Have a great weekend!!

Lib said...

Hope alls well your way!
SO glad the stove is doing its job!
Its cold here may get flurries this afternoon!
HAve agreat day!