Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vacation update

I could get used to this vacation thing. We have been working hard on the roof - Tom got all the old shingles off and we are on to the next phase - going to get supplies to finish. We have great neighbors and have had offers to help, our oldest long-term neighbor brought over some left over shingles which we will need to start a row - I have no idea and his nail gun - which should make the job go faster. Tom is on the roof right now putting tarps down as we are supposed to get some pretty heavy rain. I have been sleeping in and knitting every day - which was a goal for me. I have even knitted a fingerless glove with a thumb in it. From what I have been reading is that the top 2 patterns on ravelry right now are socktoberfest- which is every Wednesday a new set of the directions for a sock is given and Toast and Toasty from a friend to knit with. Two great patterns for fingerless gloves. I am doing both simultaneously - when I get tired of one I go to the next one and I am not disappointed. The directions are easy to follow and so far they have come out perfect.

Jessica and Tyler were over last night while Kris was working. Tyler kept Tom busy working outside and Jessica and I did "girl things."

PRICELESS!! Impromptu birthday party for Grandma. Pumpkin pie with 2 dec0rative candles (no birthday candles were found). They both sang Happy Birthday. Jessica cutting the pie and making sure I got the biggest piece. Tyler learning how to use a can of Reddy Whip. What more could you ask for.

Hope your day is a good one with some PRICELESS things in it.


QuiltedSimple said...

Amazing they both went to sleep last night after eating Ready Whip. Tyler says he's coming back to help Grandpa again....

Lib said...

Glad your enjoying your vacation.
Love the pix. Hope your was great!
Have a great day!

chook said...

I just came over from Kris`s blog to wish you a very happy birthday
hugs Beth

em's scrapbag said...

Popping over to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope your day is great.

XUE said...

Birthday wishes to you, from across the Pacific Ocean. I came over from yr daughter's (Kris) blog. Our son has the same birthday as you. Niklas was born in Hongkong & now, we live in Japan (his 3rd country of residence in 11 years). Our 8 yr old Annika is in the 3rd Grade like Jessica.

Renee said...

hi sara's mom. hope you've had a wonderful birthday today. enjoy your vacation.

Terry said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was wonderful! :0)

Carol in Sweden said...

Happy Birthday, Mom of Bookworm!