Sunday, October 12, 2008

Perfect Sunday evening

What could be better - watching a movie with Tom, homemade peach pie with vanilla ice cream and knitting!!
No, I did not make the pie. It was left over from the turkey dinner that we had at our church. Boy did they work me!! We were actually short of help so the kitchen was hopping - so for the 2 1/2 hours that we served the dinner "us younger ones" as we are called by the older woman were very busy. The last count was 155 dinners that we served. I will have to say it was excellent this year - and lots of people commented on that fact. What did I learn -- how to make mashed potatoes for 100 people. How tired as I you ask?? Tom was working so I was to feed his horse (Cooper) when I got home. Due to the fact that the light switch was moved up high (due to the horse playing with it - some nights you could see the light going on and off in the barn) its a stretch for me to reach it. I have to stand on my tiptoes and stretch with my arm - I couldn't even do that. I took a bath to soak my tired bones and went to bed - boy did that feel good!!
They also have a country store and one of the members has an apple orchard. They were selling apples for $2.50 for a half bushel. I bought 4 bags. I was planning on making apple sauce and had hoped they would have apples again this year due to the good price. Applesauce is on my list for this week.
Hard to see my knitting but they are both fingerless gloves. One pair I am actually going to make a thumb on - which will be a new experience for me. I am to that point and had actually made a glove the other night but really messed up the thumb so I started over. I will try to get better pictures tomorrow.
We are still working on the wood stove installation and the roof has been started. The wood stove is now to the point where we need to cut the hole in the roof. We are moving along.
Have a good week everybody... I will be sleeping in tomorrow morning, a good way to start my vacation. Our neighbors are also on vacation this week and they have lots of projects they want to accomplish. We all agreed to one thing though today -- No tractors starting up before 8:00 a.m. Of course they know Tom will have a hard time sticking to that.
Until next time.......


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Sounds like you had your work cut out for you this weekend!

Lol about the light switch and the horse :o)

Love the new blog look! Very nice.

Lib said...

I always get stuck with K.P. at church too.Its very tiring but also fun:o)
Thats a great buy on apples. Here their $50 per bushel, I fouund a sale and got mine $15 per bushel.
Hope you have a great wk!