Sunday, October 19, 2008

Only a few more hours of vacation left....

Whew!! What a week. Could definitely use another one. It was a great week to be off - we only had one day of rain. So that day we worked inside and painted the living room. The wood stove is in, we have used it for 2 nights now and we are pleased. The house is warm - so warm that by noon I have been opening windows to cool things off and the stove has been off for a couple of hours. After we got it in we realized how bad the walls needed painting - so that was Wednesday's job. I'll take a picture when I get the curtains back up.

The picture below is birthday presents and my knitting. A gift card to the LYS from Sara and her family, a quilted needle case from Kris and her family. I have 3 different fingerless gloves going. They are easy and you don't have to have a lot of concentration - which was great for this week.
The 2 pictures below are just random shots of Tom and our roofing project. I was sort of surprised when he called me for help in the attic. Kind of a shock when you come around the corner and see sky above your head.

My neighbor made me a birthday cake. I have some really nice neighbors. She put 3 candles on it. In her husband's family its a tradition after you are 21 to get 3 candles standing for past, present and future. I am going to have to remember that - so neat.

Last night we got some pretty heavy frost here and supposed to be as cold tonight. Glad we have that wood stove going. The days have been beautiful - sweatshirt weather and sunny. Hope you have had some good Fall days where you are.
Back to work tomorrow. Don't know if you will hear from me this week. Things are always changing at the company I work for. While I was on vacation I got a new boss and there were some procedure changes - which are supposed to make my life better but that remains to be seen. I have heard this before and sometimes that is just not the case.
Enjoy the days - we are already half way through October........

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ikkinlala said...

I'll have to remember that candle tradition - it's so much nicer (and safer!) an idea than trying to put a candle for each year.