Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Before Pictures/Marley

You can see by this picture what Tom did on his vacation last week. He sanded for something like 47 hours total. We spent more on sand paper than we did on paint. Just a few more things to go and the back of the house will be somewhat done. We were hoping to get a few new windows in but all this sanding took more time than he anticipated. Hopefully there will be no more peeling - or at least a minimum of peeling. This was another project from last week - 2 loads of wood delivered. Now all we need to do is stack it.

Today is one of my broken up days - I work until 10:00 a.m. and then go back from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. I can actually say I really like the break - sometimes all that typing without a long break wears you down. Marley and I have already walked the back fields. I am in the middle of making applesauce to freeze and just enjoying the day. I do have to get out and do some clean up on the back of the house - that would be my job - cleaning up all the mess that sanding created. Wait until you see the after pictures -- it has been so worth it.
Below is Marley snoozing the morning away while I type. There are lots larger spaces to lay in my office but today she managed to cram herself into this little space, almost under my chair. She tried to change positions but there was not enough room. From the amount of snoring that went on I don't think she mined being cramped one bit.

Enjoy this first full day of Fall!! Feels more like Summer around here - its almost 80 and so, so humid.

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Colleen said...

My doggie sleeps by me in my office while I work too... Gosh... I just can't get enough transcription done... I am at it all day long from morning until I go to bed at night... it is a tough gig!