Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knitting and Fall

Finally, some knitting pictures. Don't those socks remind you of Fall - these are actually my birthday socks so they need to be done sometime in October. Its going to be one of those milestone birthdays you don't want to think about. Next up is a complete pair - just need to bind off but am waiting until I get to the LYS for some help. All I hear is you can make them so tight they are hard to get on - don't want that after all that work.

Don't you just love the white pumpkin?? At the end of November I throw all my pumpkins on a manure pile that we have at the back of our property that backs up against some woods. I always seem to get pumpkins from that process for the next year - some years better than others. This year I have gotten 18 pumpkins. Some better than others. I had a lot of gourds last year and I have some really funky crosses going on but they are still good, although unusual. Don't worry - over the next couple of weeks I will show you what I did with all those pumpkins.
Below are just a few photos I snapped from my walk with Marley today. My goal is to keep up with her after she stops all the initial running. I am progressing. Today I even managed to stay ahead of her at one point. Of course, the last part of the walk, as we get closer to the house we are both dragging.

Talk to you soon!!

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marit said...

Great socks!
I have pumpkins for the first time of my life this year- and I haven't got a clue what to do with them!!! But they grow like weeds! We don't have Halloween here, but the kids still want to carve some...