Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear Mother Nature,

I just have a quick favor to ask of you. Could you possible give us a week - maybe 2 of some nice weather. You know the kind - a little sunshine, no rain, some warmer temps. We still have painting to do on the house and a couple of other projects that we would like to finish before you know what comes, you know that 4 letter word (SNOW).
That's what I'd ask for right about now. Its been raining, drizzling, cold, damp and just not very nice out now for about a week. We still continue to work on the back of the house, Tom worked on the new garage peak over the weekend when it wasn't raining. We have already had a fire in the wood stove, Marley and I have walked 2 days in the rain and tonight its supposed to frost.
I was really hoping for a little more Fall weather.
The picture above is from our walk today. We have been going further all the time. We now walk by our hay field - as a matter of fact it looks like that needs to be cut again. The people who own the property mow a path around the 7 acres of hay so its really nice for walking. The other way we usually go is getting so high its hard to see where your stepping.
Be back tomorrow with some knitting...

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